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Oxford Active Vision Lab Code Repository

The Oxford Active Vision Library Code Repository (AVLCode) is a loose collection of computer vision library and applications provided by the Oxford Active Vision Lab from the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.

Recents Projects

ANCNet - Dense visual correspondences between images, using our adaptive neighbourhood consensus module.

RelocNet - A CNN-based method for relocalisation, and corresponding RelocDB dataset.

BNInterpolation - A method for interpolating batch norm parameters for few shot learning.

InfiniTAM - A multi-platform framework for real-time, large-scale depth fusion and tracking.

gSLICr - A library for much faster-than-real-time superpixel segmentation.

LibISR - A library for tracking multiple 3D objects from depth images.

Older Projects

PTAM - Parallel Tracking and Mapping

fastHOG \ Tech Report \ single GPU version \ multi GPU version \ git (by Ashwin Nanjappa) \ ubuntu build guide

PWP3D \ Paper \ single object and view, VS2008 32bit \ multiple objects and views, VS2010 64bit \ git (by Lu Ma at CU-Boulder)

Dense Reconstruction Using 3D Object Shape Priors \ Paper \ Code